Beginner CSS

Build better websites with Elementor & CSS

Everything you will learn about CSS in this course will serve you well on any and all WordPress projects, as well as more generally, on any website or mobile app project. CSS is the universal option when it comes to visually styling elements on web pages or mobile apps.

So, even if you plan to switch to another WordPress page builder, or another system entirely, you will bring that very useful knowledge with you.


Become a better WP developer


Master the art of page design

Become the CSS Ninja you were destined to be.

We’ve demystified the CSS and unravelled the mysteries that are keeping you away from becoming a true master of WordPress and Elementor.

About the teacher

Maxime Desrosrier

Maxime has worked for several international companies, such as Bosch, Bai communications, AppCast and Forms2mobile. Maxime is running, the most important Elementor custom code based tutorials repository. Maxime has also created, a CSS generator tool used to make static and animated SVG shape dividers.

Projects he has contributed to have been featured in GQ magazine, sites of the month, sites of the year. itself uses the CSS-only mega menu technique that Maxime created and published on, and an exclusive tutorial to recreate their mega menu is part of the CSS course.

Be CSS independent

By knowing CSS, you won’t have to rely on others anymore for simple adjustments. Neither will you need to add a whole new plugin for something that a few lines of CSS could have achieved. You will have much better control over the look of your projects, and you will be able to give every design a unique, out-of-the-box appeal.

Troubleshoot CSS easily

You will learn about the Cascade and the browser DevTools, which will allow you to quickly troubleshoot and debug custom CSS you have written.

Locate CSS problems easily

You will learn how to find exactly where the CSS “problems” are: whether they're from a plugin, your theme, or if it’s from Elementor, exactly where the setting behind the CSS is, or where the custom CSS lies.

Save Money

Say goodbye to having to hire a CSS developer for every little custom CSS need. You will be able to independently author your own custom CSS with the knowledge that you are doing it right.

Save Time

You will learn how to properly add custom CSS, and how to quickly debug it if it’s not working as expected. Struggling for days on a bit of CSS because it’s just not working will be a thing of the past.

Learn all about custom CSS & Elementor

Learn the two wrappers system Elementor uses for every element, the “selector” keywords, on which element the class names are added (when you give an element a class name from the Elementor editor) and its implications, the Elementor CSS file system, and how to quickly locate a bit of CSS, be it custom, default, or from a UI setting.

Understand CSS well

Get a deeper understanding of CSS, its interactions with the HTML, pseudo classes, pseudo elements, positioning, flexbox… A good understanding will save you a lot of trouble while coding CSS and make the process much smoother.

Get to know the Automatic CSS learning path

In this course, not only will you learn all the basics of HTML and CSS, but you will also learn habits and methods that will put your CSS learning on autopilot. The exact same techniques I have used myself, and am still using every day.

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If you’re looking to improve the style and look of your WordPress websites, learning CSS can be the best way forward. This course will teach you the fundamentals of CSS in easy-to-understand language that make it simple for you to use CSS like a pro when building websites on WordPress.

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