Get access to 4 premium navigation templates, as well as an exclusive tutorial with several videos, explaining how it all works, and how to make adjustments. Templates: Features:
  • Slick Entrance Animations
  • Image Switching on Menu Items Hover
  • Menu Items Sequential Fade-In Animation (customizable)
  • Menu Items Hover Animations (customizable)
  • Customizable Navigation Icon (2 or 3 bars, color, animation)
  • Works for Sticky Headers & Static Headers
  • Lazy Loading of Images
  • How everything is setup
  • How to adjust and modify the nav items fading in (and how to give them another animation, such as fade in up)
  • How to adjust and modify the images in the left column
  • How to adjust the underline hover animations on the nav items
  • How to adjust the color fill hover animations on the nav items
  • How to make the nav icon look just the way you want (2 lines, 3 lines, colors, size, animation…)
  • How to adjust the animation for the navigation (speed, colors)
  • How to create your own header and make it work with the full screen navigation
  • How to finalize the setup before sending to production

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